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Judge Gregory B. Gill Jr.

Court of Appeals - District III

“Throughout her career, Judge LaKeisha Haase has shown herself to be a highly competent individual. She has an excellent understanding of the law. She has a keen interest in hearing the perspective of others, and yet, is not afraid to share her own convictions. These are two traits that I have found quintessential for a successful career on the bench. In addition to her legal acumen, she has a strong sense of compassion. This, too, serves her and her community well when she’s on the bench.”


Judge Theresa Basiliere, Winnebago County
Judge John Jorgensen, Winnebago County
Ret. Judge Tom Gritton, Winnebago County
Ret. Judge Robert Hawley, Winnebago County
Judge Yadira Rein, Outagamie County
Judge Mark Schroeder, Outagamie County
Judge Emily Lonergan, Outagamie County
Judge Mark McGinnis, Outagamie County
Judge Mitch Metropulos, Outagamie County
Ret. Judge Nancy Krueger, Outagamie County
Judge Marc A. Hammer, Brown County
Judge Beau G. Liegeois, Brown County
Judge Tricia A. Walker, Fond du Lac County
Judge Carey Reed, Calumet County
Judge Faun M. Phillipson, Green County
Judge Nia Trammell, Dane County
Judge David D. Conway, Dane County
Judge Mario White, Dane County
Judge Katie Kegel, Milwaukee County
Judge Reyna Morales, Milwaukee County
Judge Jack L. Dávila, Millwaukee County
Presiding Judge M. Joseph Donald, Court of Appeals – District I
Judge Lori S. Kornblum, Court of Appeals – District II
Deputy Chief Judge Lisa Stark, Court of Appeals – District III
Judge Gregory B. Gill, Jr., Court of Appeals – District III


Attorney David Been
Attorney Rob Bellin
Attorney Amanda Belville
Attorney Emma Blankshein
Attorney Michael Blum
Attorney Brittany Bratten (Running)
Attorney Scott Ceman
Attorney Raymond Edelstein
Attorney Ann Elmer
Attorney Chad Fahrenkrug
Attorney Jason Farris
Attorney Stephen J. Fozard
Attorney Tyler Fredrickson
Attorney Trisha Fritz
Attorney Matthew Goldin
Attorney Amber Gratz
Attorney Bill Hammett
Attorney Meghan Healy
Attorney Christine Heywood
Attorney Eric Heywood
Attorney Timothy Hogan
Attorney Susan Holloway
Attorney Edmund Jelinski
Attorney Vicki Jobling
Attorney Steven Johnson
Attorney Karola Jungbacker
Attorney Peter Jungbacker
Attorney Chadwick Kaehne
Attorney Heather Kavanaugh
Attorney David Keck
Attorney Thomas J. King
Attorney Britteny Koenig
Attorney Wesley Kottke
Attorney Hannah Kottke
Attorney William Lennon
Attorney Edgar Lin
Attorney Amy L. Matuszak
Attorney Nicole Morley
Attorney Michael O'Rourke
Attorney Brianne Patzer
Attorney Eric Pitsch
Attorney Morgan Rae
Attorney Kristina Sanders–Brown
Attorney Kyle J. Sargent
Attorney Rashida Sims
Attorney Amanda Skorr
Attorney Molly Smiltneek
Attorney David K. Sparr
Attorney Eric Sparr
Attorney Brandt Swardenski
Attorney Benjamin Szilyagi
Attorney Kayla Taggart
Attorney Jennifer Thompson
Attorney Michael Turner
Attorney Ryan Ulrich
Attorney Ryan Van Ells
Attorney Adam J. Westbrook
Attorney Kim Zhang
Attorney Jennifer J. Zmyslo


Matt Kroening, Ret. Lt., Oshkosh Police Department

Jim Strasser, Ret. Officer, Oshkosh Police Department

Hal Malnory, Ret., Winnebago County Sheriff's Department

Chad Nigl, Ret., Department of Corrections

Attorney Eric Sparr, Deputy District Attorney, Winnebago County

Attorney Michael E. O'Rourke, Assistant District Attorney, Fond du Lac County

Attorney Adam J. Westbrook, City Attorney, Neenah

Attorney Kyle J. Sargent, Corporation Counsel, Winnebago County

Joe Yana, Ret. Family Court Commissioner, Winnebago County

Pat Stockli, Ret. Winnebago County Juvenile Clerk of Courts

Tara Berry, Winnebago County Clerk of Courts

Sarah Henke, Winnebago County Register of Probate

Haley Hermus, Court Reporter, Winnebago County

Jessica Schmidt, Court Reporter, Winnebago County

Erin Vorpahl, Judicial Assistant, Winnebago County

Dana Suprise, Deputy Clerk, Winnebago County

Sue Savage, Deputy Clerk, Winnebago County

Tara Anderson, Deputy Clerk, Outagamie County

Aaron Wojciechowski, Oshkosh City Council

Mike Norton, Winnebago County Board Supervisor

Dr. Nicholas Belville, Belville & Associates Chiropractic

Todd and Shannon Degner, The Barbershop

David Fulton, Elementary School Teacher, Grace Lutheran

Emily Hintz (Sweet), Elementary School Teacher

TJ Hobbs, TaskCasket

Alicia Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Karola Jungbacker, Alexander & Bishop

Peter Jungbacker, Alexander & Bishop

Morgan Kapp, Elementary School Counselor

Kiersten Karlsen, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Corinna Lundquist, Century21 Affiliated 

Dr. Kevin Miller, Keystone Psychology

Carin O'Rourke, O'Rourke Consulting Group

Dr. Kevin Polglaze, Aurora Medical Center

Elizabeth Ruck, Avenue Salon

Tom and Diane Ruck, Ruck Electric

Christine Schultz, Keller Williams Fox Cities

Mark Schultz, Oblio's

Aaron Sherer, Executive Director, Paine Art Center

Kal Spanbauer, Kal's Sign Art

Dr. Angela G. Subulwa, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Mashebe Mushe Subulwa, SEPO Zambia

Nichol Therrian, Broomstick Cleaning Company

Paul Van Auken, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Emily Volk, OASD Elementary School Teacher

Nick Wenger, Wenger Construction

Zee Ajdini

Ardine Barry

Monica Brennard

Barb Dumke Schrader

Nate Dyer

David Eckels

Barb Effertz–Doherty

Jessica Elum

Jaime Gibbs

Ryan Gibbs

Lori Hacka

Lumka Hajdini

Tina Hermus

Nicholas Hintz

Jyll Holland

Cory Lundquist

Amy McGee

Dave Montalbano

Derek Mulloy

Amy Paradowski

Dorothy Reinke

Rochelle Rogers

Sally Ann Rosin

Mallory Schneider–Birschbach

Gwen Schneider

Kim Schroeder

Paul Smith

Tim Sommer

Patti Strasser

Sherri Stine–Doemel

Elizabeth Vorpahl

Al Zmyslo

Lynn Zmyslo

Kathy Zuehlsdorf

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