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A Vote for Haase is a Vote for the Integrity, Impartiality & Transparency Winnebago County Deserves

After much consideration and consultation with many in our community, I am proud to announce my candidacy for Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge.


Winnebago County and the State of Wisconsin deserves a judiciary that stands by its ethics and demonstrates a reputation deserving of their vote. The community has for too long had a judge underserving of the position in Branch 2. It has caused many grave concerns over what should be expected from the bench.


I am uniquely qualified to serve our county. I am committed to doing so with a great deal of integrity; integrity that is currently lacking in Branch 2. I strive to lead a life that is driven by purpose; therefore, it is paramount that I do what is right for the community in which I call home.


I implore you to expect and demand more from Branch 2, and vote for me, Attorney LaKeisha Haase, on April 4, 2023, as your Judge for Winnebago County Circuit Court Branch 2.


The Haase for Judge Campaign 

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